The Fruit of the Spirit: Love

“Love” is a word thrown around a lot these days. We hear it in our songs. We hear it from our friends and family. We even use the word “love” to describe our morning coffee or favorite late-night dessert.

It seems, with how much “love” we throw around, the world should be a very lovely place to live.

But it’s not. Not really.

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Practices in Faith: Meditation and the Bible

If you’re anything like me, when you hear the word “meditate,” one of the first images that comes to your mind is of candles, “oms”, and a search for inner peace.

Of course, none of these are inherently bad, but they portray a false impression of biblical meditation.

But even if you’ve decided to meditate, it will mean nothing if you don’t know how to meditate. If you don’t teach yourself how to do something, and do it wrong, it won’t benefit you the way it should—or at least, not nearly as well as it has the potential to.

Discovering how to meditate can be a challenge in and of itself. To help you get started, here are five general steps to a healthy meditation routine.

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How To Build a Relationship with God

There are many facets of today’s daily life that crave our attention and time. From work and school, to friends, family, pets, and social media, our minds are constantly being pulled in every direction, horizontally.

These distractions cause us to make conscious decisions everyday that strain our relationship with God, decisions even I choose to make. And that’s not okay.

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